You Can Explore Creepy Abandoned Buildings In This Forgotten Alberta Ghost Town

An untouched piece of Canadian history
You Can Explore Creepy Abandoned Buildings In This Forgotten Alberta Ghost Town

With all of its breathtaking mountains, forests, and lakes, there’s plenty of amazing sites to take in when you visit Alberta. But, if you’re looking for something a little creepier, skip the mountain views and head straight to the Canadian ghost town of Orion. This small Alberta hamlet is home to a number of abandoned homes and storefronts that are sure to send chills down your spine.

In it’s prime, nearly 400 residents called Orion their home. Crops were plentiful, and there were roughly 30 local businesses. But, eventually, dust storms and drought hit the town, taking the crops with them. This forced people out of Orion in search of somewhere more prosperous to call home.

Today, most of the businesses and abandoned houses are still standing, but have been long-since forgotten about. In fact, you will often find left behind items like broken furniture, old shoes, and more inside of these buildings. These little items are a spooky reminder of the town's glory days.

In the summer Orion often sees a boom of visitors, coming to explore abandoned buildings and hopefully catch a glimpse of the paranormal. Many visitors boast about one of the last 7 remaining residents, Boyd Stevens who ran a local hardware store for a number of years.

Stevens would welcome visitors to the town, offering coffee and conversations of history. However, in December 2016 the hardware store unfortunately burned down. Luckily Stevens was not harmed in the fire.

Orion Ghost Town 

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Why you need to go: You can explore creepy abandoned homes and forgotten storefronts in this Canadian ghost town.