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Canadian Government Improves Regulations For The Health And Wellbeing Of Animals

Canadian government improves animal regulations to better the health and wellbeing of animals in Canada.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has appealed to the public and confirmed today that they will improve the welfare of animals being transported to farms, slaughterhouses, auction points and more within the country. It was just announced that the Canadian Government is improving regulations for the health and wellbeing of animals during transportation. They made the announcement to the public today on February 20. 

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The government will now be making amendments to the Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII) in order to improve animal welfare and create more humane conditions for animal transportation in Canada.

For the changes, the CFIA received over 51,000 comments from over 11,000 respondents during consultations with the public, producers, veterinarians, industry and international organizations, animal advocacy groups, transporters, researchers, law groups and more.

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The new changes will focus on positively affecting the way that animals are transported in the country. The government is implementing improvements to better the entire transportation process of animals into and within Canada.

The new regulations aim to help animals better arrive at their destination and make sure that they are well taken care of throughout the whole journey – ensuring they are properly fed, hydrated and rested. 

"Today marks an important achievement with the publication of amendments to the Health of Animals Regulations (Part XII) on animal transportation," reads the news release from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that was published today. "...the regulations better reflect the needs of animals and improve overall animal welfare in Canada". 

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"As a veterinarian, I am happy to say that Canada has improved the well-being of animals during the entire transportation process," said Canada's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaspinder Komal, in the news release

"The changes to the humane transport regulations better align Canada's requirements with international partners (for example the United States, Australia and the European Union), as well as the OIE's animal welfare standards for animals transported by land, air and sea". 

These new regulations mean that transporters of animals will be required to provide proper food, water and rest for the animals. They are more detailed in this regard than ever before. They also now cover the entire transportation process – from when an animal is prepared for transit to when they are settled down in their final destination. 

Anyone transporting animals in Canada must adhere to the Health of Animals Act and the new regulations. The CFIA will take action if the rules are violated.

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The new regulations will be effective next year in February 2020. The CFIA says in the news release that this is because a "one-year transition will allow the animal transport industry to prepare for the amended regulations before they are enforced."

To learn more about the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, you can visit their website