The Winning Looks From Canada's Hair Freezing Contest Are Incredible (PHOTOS)

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The Winning Looks From Canada's Hair Freezing Contest Are Incredible (PHOTOS)
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If you're in need of a laugh, look no further. A Canadian hair freezing contest in the Yukon has officially come to a close and now you can see which hairdos took the top spots. The winning looks are so creative and truly incredible!

While the 2019/2020 Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest is over and you can't go and participate even if you wanted to, you can still take in all the creative hairstyles that people thought up.

Now, the winners are getting their time to shine.

Almost 300 submissions were received during the three-month-long competition but only five winners could be crowned as having the best-frozen locks.

There are five categories: best male, best female, best group, most creative and people's choice award.

For their amazing work, the winners of each category were awarded $2,000, free soaks in the current hot springs facility, and a 12 punch pass for the new facility when it is completed in fall 2020. 

"We like to think that this contest will bring some joy to viewers around the world - even if just for a few moments," Andrew Umbrich, owner and operator of Takhini Hot Springs, told CNN.

Of the winning looks, one person froze a comb into their hair, another not only frozen their head but their chest and arm fuzz too and another went with a peacock 'do.

To participate in the contest, people had to dip their heads into the hot springs and completely wet their locks.

After that, the cold air slowly froze the sopping strands. As it was frosting over people could mould it into whatever style they want.

The best time to get that classic frozen look is when the temperature dips below -20 C.

Once the hair had completely frozen and turned white, people got their picture taken and then submitted it online for consideration.

Umbrich said that the hot springs have been around for more than 100 years and the mineral-rich water is between 36 C and 42 C.

The contest itself has only been happening since 2011 and the 2019/2020 one had more than double the number of entries that have been received since it first started.

Takhini Hot Springs is located just 20 minutes north of Whitehorse.

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