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Canadian Helicopter Crash Victim Paid Tribute To Nova Scotia Last Week

Another tragedy. One Canadian helicopter crash victim was a 23-year-old who played a tribute on the bagpipes to Nova Scotia just a week before. Five other people were on the military chopper when it went missing.

On April 29, a CH-148 Cyclone helicopter went missing and crashed between Greece and Italy in the Ionian Sea.

As the search continues for the other five Canadian Armed Forces members on the helicopter, one victim has been identified as Sub-Lieutenant Abbigail Cowbrough.

The 23-year-old was deployed onboard the HMCS Fredericton for Operation Reassurance.

According to the CBC, she was serving as a marine system engineer officer on the ship.

Cowbrough's grandmother, Brenda Shewchuk, spoke on air to the CBC.

"She was a ray of light, everything that she did was so passionate," she said of her granddaughter.

This was Cowbrough's third time in the Mediterranian region and she spent her days exercising, working on equipment, eating and reading good books.

She also played in military bands and was well known for piping.

"She touched lives everywhere," said Shewchuk.

HMCS Fredericton and the crew of the Cyclone helicopter are based in Nova Scotia.

So, after the deadly shooting that happened in the province, Cowbrough played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes on the deck of the ship in tribute of the victims.

The touching video was just a week before her own death. 

During a press conference on April 30, the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff spoke about the tragedy.

While the cause of the accident is still unknown, the flight data has been recovered.

The helicopter was returning to the HMCS Fredericton with the six CAF members after a training mission when contact with it was lost.

"All of them are heroes. Each of them will leave a void that cannot be filled," Justin Trudeau said.

All of Canada's CH-148 Cyclone helicopters are on an operational pause domestically and around the world while the investigation happens.

Greece, Italy, Turkey and the U.S. are helping in the search for the military chopper.

Members on board the HMCS Fredericton had just marked their 100th day of operations after leaving Canada in January.