A Canadian resident has voiced his frustrations on the excessive political correctness being practiced across the country. He gives particular blame to students in Canadian universities, and has even gone as far to compare them to Nazis and the Islamic State.

John W.A. Curtis from Summerside, P.E.I., submitted a letter to The Journal Pioneer expressing his bold opinion:

“ISIL destroyed antiquities because of their beliefs. Nazi death camps were saved to teach the world about German atrocities. The Mi’kmaq and others want to destroy a statue of Cornwallis. This is shortsightedness. Instead we should be leaving the statue of Cornwallis and teaching about history. Those who want it down are acting like ISIL.”

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By “those”, he is referring to students in Canadian universities who "are using political correctness to control freedom of speech.” He believes that political correctness is nothing but a breeder of animosity, and that if Canada wants to address the issue of hatred, it should look to fix its political correctness problem.

“People can't say the word Merry Christmas, it offends non-Christian religions. Merry Christmas doesn't fit into multiculturalism. If multiculturalism was tolerant, Merry Christmas wouldn't be replaced with seasons greetings.”

Curtis does have a point, and one that many Canadians seem to agree with. In a recent online poll that sampled 1,510 Canadians, a staggering 76 per cent agreed that political correctness has “gone too far”, with 72 per cent claiming they sometimes refrain from voicing their opinion to avoid offending others.

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Another article by the Toronto Sun which reads "Political correctness on campus must end," demonstrates that Curtis’ opinion on Canadian university students is one that is shared by others. The article covered the issue surrounding Jordan Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto who refused to use gender-neutral pronouns in his classes.

Like Curtis, Peterson also believes that political correctness is eroding free speech and action should be taken to curb it, even if it means cutting university funding.

Has political correctness gone too far in Canada?