On Friday, August 10th, Matthew Raymond allegedly went on a shooting spree in Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

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As we previously reported, cops allege that Raymond stood in his apartment window with a long run and shot at multiple people. During the shooting spree, Raymond killed four people, two police officers and two civilians. 

Shortly after the incident, Raymond was taken into police custody and charged with the murders from the shooting spree. Today, Raymond appeared in provincial court, where he told the residing judge that this matter should be settled by now. 

Raymond said, "This has to be settled now, so I will be exonerated today." He continued, "I should not have been in prison at all. I am not guilty due to at least temporary insanity. The evidence is all right there, he has every bit of evidence, it shows exactly what has happened. I am not guilty."

Raymond interrupted the judge and began claiming that his rights have been violated. Even though his defence lawyer asked him to be seated, Raymond continued to address the judge. The accused also stated that he shouldn't be in jail and that his life has been threatened. 

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He explained that someone threatened to cut his head off in jail. He also stated that he has never been given proper clothes which is also a violation of his rights. Even though Raymond spoke directly to the judge and claimed his innocence, he has not made a formal plea yet. He will return to court on October 29th to set a date for the preliminary hearing on his charges. 

Raymond has been charged with the first-degree murder of Sara Burns, Robb Costello, Donnie Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright. 

Source: CTV News