Kendall Jenner's Stalker Has Been Reported Missing In Canada

Security is on high alert.
Kendall Jenner's Stalker Has Been Reported Missing In Canada

It seems like just yesterday when news of a creepy man avidly stalking Kendall Jenner was released. The man somehow managed to scale a hill and find his way into Jenner's pool, and at a later date, made it all the way up to her balcony. Because she's a popular celebrity with a major security team, the man was quickly caught and dealt with, but now the Canadian man who stalked Kendall Jenner has been reported missing.

The man's name is John Ford, and according to TMZ, his current whereabouts are unknown. Security has been put on high alert, as they fear that Ford could make his way back down to Los Angeles and cause serious harm to Jenner, or others.

Earlier this month, Ford was deported from the U.S., after being arrested and tried in New Mexico. The 38-year old was escorted by police from El Paso to the Houston airport and subsequently flown from the U.S. into Ontario, Canada, where his family members were meant to keep tabs on him.

Ford's family members in Toronto told TMZ they have "no idea where he is". The last contact Ford had with the authorities was at the Toronto airport where they dropped him off, but the man has been totally MIA since then.

Ford's disappearance is problematic for not only Jenner, whose security is currently on high alert, but also for other citizens as he's been deemed dangerous and unpredictable. The likelihood of Ford making it across the border is slim as law enforcement is on the lookout for him, but there is still a chance he could cross illegally.

Jenner currently has a restraining order against her stalker - if he comes within 100 yards of her in the next five years, he's subject to immediate arrest, possible jail time, and deportation, yet again. Authorities have asked locals to keep an eye out for Ford, and if he's spotted, they suggest contacting law enforcement ASAP.

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