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Twitter Users Are Coming Up With The Worst Possible Casting For Marvel Movies And A Few Of Them Are Canadian

In my opinion, one thing that always either makes or breaks a movie is the casting. You can have the best possible script, budget, location, and crew, but if the casting isn't done right, the movie will always flop. Marvel has always done a pretty good job with casting their movies, but #TerribleMCUCasting is trending on Twitter just to show how easily your favourite superheroes could've been ruined. Canadian Marvel characters may be the worst thing for the MCU.

Marvel has never been one to stray away from casting Canadian actors in their films. Over the years we've seen Ryan Reynolds take on Deadpool, Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, and Pom Klementieff as Mantis, just to name a few.

According to this new Twitter trend though, there are a couple of Canadians that people NEVER want to see take on a role in the Marvel Character Universe, and after reading through some of them, we can understand why.

As much as we love Van City Reynolds in his black suit, we can all agree that our other favourite Canadian Ryan would NOT make a good Black Panther, and Michael Cera's shy and goofy nature would make him just about the worst Punisher to ever exist. And what about Jim Carrey as The Incredible Hulk? It would definitely be funny, but there's no way it would work.

Don't worry, the hashtag isn't roasting only Canadian actors. Some of your favourite Americans who made the list include Danny Devito as Wolverine, Kris Jenner as Black Widow, Steve Buscemi as Johnny Storm, and Betty White as Okoye.

The #terribleMCUcasting trend came as a challenge from writer Gail Simone on July 28. She urged people to avoid casting Scarlett Johansen for everything, as that's been a running joke for a while now, but people have gotten pretty clever with their answers.

If you're in need of some comic relief, you can check out the hashtag for yourself at this link.

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