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Imagine a country where you can actually afford your first home as a millennial. 

Doesn’t that sound nice? We know: it’s hard to be a first-time homebuyer — so hard that about 64% of millennials think the federal government should make housing affordability a top issue, according to data compiled by Abacus Data

With recent trends, homes are becoming more and more unaffordable, and it's safe to say that millennials are upset about it! No one wants to be stuck in their parents' basement until they're 30. However, this has become totally normal in 2019 society, so don't worry if you are! Parents can make awesome roommates (sometimes). 

Mortgage rules have been changing for over a decade now, and they’ve impacted millennials the most — which seems totally unfair since millennials are considered low risk; they have the lowest arrears rates, and since they’re young and their incomes will increase throughout their careers, it makes sense for them to get longer-term mortgages. Longer term = lower risk!

When thinking about whether you’ll ever be able to afford your own home, there's a lot to consider. What many people don’t know is that housing affordability is determined by three main factors: 

  • The income of the potential buyer(s) 
  • House prices
  • Mortgage rules

It’s these three factors together that tell you what you can and can’t afford, and whether a home is affordable to you. Also, like everything, supply and demand play an important role. Basically, as less supply is available and demand for homes goes up, unfortunately the price goes up too, and right now, there's a lot of millennials looking for homes. Yikes!

Who knew affordability was more than just current house prices? 

Now, you may hear people talk about affordable housing, which isn’t the same thing as housing affordability. There’s a key difference between the two.

Affordable housing means social housing: where government financial assistance helps offset the cost of renting. Housing affordability, on the other hand, is the combined factors (remember those three from earlier?) and economic trends that make it easier or harder to buy a home (or rent one without government subsidies).

Phew, okay, now that that’s sorted, how does the 2019 election play a part in all this? Well, all levels of government play an important role. And believe it or not, so do climate-change policies! 

The upcoming election is a new opportunity for all political parties to discuss housing affordability because they're the ones that decide which policies get supported. 

And for millennials, it's your opportunity to learn about each party and their views on housing affordability, homeownership, and how housing choices can impact climate change. 

Wouldn't you love a healthy home market? It's time to do your political research!  Concerned about climate change? Note which party aligns with your climate-change beliefs, and how they plan to address it without making it even harder to afford a home.  

Come on, you know it'd be the millennial dream to own a home that's both affordable AND environmentally smart. Add your minimal-waste habits to that mix, and you've got yourself a bright and clean environmental future!

Governments hold the key to unlocking the door tohomeownership again; that's the message the Canadian Home Builders' Association wants to share. Their website shows Canadians what to look for in the upcoming federal election platforms (for questions about housing and climate change). In times like these when there's so much to consider, who doesn't want some help breaking it down? 

The Association's main goal is to help build a country where all Canadians can access quality homes where they desire at an affordable price. That sounds like a good goal to us. It's time millennials have an equal chance at homes they can afford, too!

To learn more about housing affordability, check out the Canadian Home Builders' Association's website. You can also follow CHBA on Facebook and Instagram to get your dose of inspiring homes, awesome renos, and homeowner tips!