A Canadian Museum Has A Whole Online Exhibit About Feel-Good Stories From COVID-19

You can submit your own stories too!
Canadian Museum For Human Rights Has A New Online Exhibit About COVID-19 Stories
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So much is digital now and museums are no different. The Canadian Museum For Human Rights has a new online exhibit that's all about people from across the country sharing personal stories about COVID-19. If you submit your own video you can be featured on the site.

Share Your Story is an online initiative for people to share their own experiences in their own words during this challenging time and to hear from other Canadians as well.

On the site, questions will be posted that prompt people to share the good things they've seen or how they've been touched by this pandemic.

The first Share Your Story question is "what acts of kindness have lifted your spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic?"

If you're looking for a feel-good, uplifting tale like someone singing at a friend's window, this is the place to find it!

"This new initiative has been launched at a time when people around the globe are dealing with a broad spectrum of challenges that we could not have imagined only a few short weeks ago," said John Young, the museum's president and CEO, in a news release .

With the first question asked for the heart-warming initiative, the museum wants people to speak about people who are showing compassion and care during this time.

"At this difficult time, we hope to encourage a focus on compassion and community, which are fundamental to human rights," Young said.

The Canadian Museum For Human Rights is temporarily closed because of COVID-19 so this initiative is a way to discussions even though people can't actually be there in person.

A couple of videos have already been posted from Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Caledon, Ontario.

One video shows someone outside of a friend's window and playing a song on the ukelele while singing along.

Another one commends people on the front lines like health care workers and grocery store workers for being out there while the rest of the country stays at home.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can record and upload a short video with their phones, tablets or computers right there on the site.

Your story can be up to two minutes in length.

The museum also has a bunch of other online resources for people to take advantage of while at home like a virtual gallery tour on its app, an interactive tool for students to learn about human rights and artwork created by Indigenous artists that are in one of the galleries.

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