Ontario's NHL Teams Have The Biggest & Smallest Crowds Out Of All The Canadian Teams

There's a big difference between how many people attend NHL games in Toronto and Ottawa.
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Ontario's NHL Teams Have The Biggest & Smallest Crowds Out Of All The Canadian Teams

Hockey is a beloved sport for many Canadians. But the amount of people who actually support NHL teams by going to the games is drastically different across Canada but especially in one province. The Canadian NHL teams with best and the worst crowd sizes in the league are both in Ontario. 

According to Faces Magazine, data shows that the two NHL teams that call Ontario home have the biggest and the smallest attendance numbers for their home games in Canada for the 2019-20 season. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the best in Canada when it comes to fan attendance and third in the entire league. The Ottawa Senators have the worst attendance not only in Canada but in all of the NHL. That's definitely not a good look. 

The Senators not being able to draw in fans has been known since the season started on October 2, but the numbers are startling.

Currently, the team only plays in front of 60% capacity while it is way behind the Leafs who play in front of 102 percent capacity. 

According to The Fourth Period, the Senators are "currently on pace for the worst attendance since the 1994-95 season" and ticket sales "will only be able to sustain itself under a winning formula."

In 2017, the capacity of the Canadian Tire Centre where the Senators play was reduced in an attempt to boost attendance but only a season later it was brought back up to the usual capacity which is just over 18,000. 

After the game on October 25, the Senators have two wins and eight losses in regular time and overtime. 

In four games the team had only 57,888 people in attendance in total and that averages out to 11,577 people in attendance per game. 

The Leafs are way better than the Senators when it comes to attendance and the team does have a better record this season than their fellow Ontario team. 

After the game on October 25, the Leafs have six wins and six losses both in regular time and overtime. 

Scotiabank Arena, home of the Leafs, seats 18,800 people for hockey games. In seven games the team had 135,453 people in attendance which averages out to 19,350 people each game. 

The other five Canadian teams are doing pretty well with attendance so far this season. The Winnipeg Jets join Toronto in playing in front of more than 100% capacity and the team is fifth-best in the NHL. 

The Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames all play in front of more than 90% capacity. 

These numbers are great for those cities but don't make Ottawa look any better. The Senators are definitely the odd man out in Canada when it comes to filling seats at home games. 

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