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A Canadian Olympian Is Suing Bobsleigh Canada And Wants To Compete For The U.S. Now

Kaillie Humphries' decision to switch teams is causing lots of mixed reaction.

Canadian sports fans across the country are in shock as a three-time Olympic medalist will no longer be competing for Team Canada in any future Olympics. It was announced that a Canadian Olympian is suing Bobsleigh Canada to compete for U.S. Since the announcement, people have a lot to say about it. 

It was reported Thursday night that Kaillie Humphries is suing Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton to seek release by the organization so she can compete for the U.S. team. This comes after more than a year of not competing in the sport following her filing harassment claims to the organization last year. 

On Friday, the Olympic athlete released a statement about the situation and confirmed that she wants to be released from Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton. 

"I want to be clear that I am not choosing to leave Canada. I love this country! I am leaving Bobsleigh Canada because I can no longer be a part of what I believe is an unsafe work environment and I do not want to be forced into retirement," said Humphries in a statement. 

Humphries is a two-time gold and one-time bronze medalist in the Olympics and has numerous gold, silver and bronze medals from World Championships in the sport of bobsleigh. She even carried the Canadian flag at the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics and she was also named Canada's top athlete that year. 

In August 2018, she filed harassment complaints with the Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton. According to the CBC, she is still waiting for the organization to finish its internal investigation and she is suing "for blocking her release from the team and breaching their contract relating to athlete and coach code of conduct." 

The organization told CBC that it would not be commenting on the specific case until the investigation is complete. 

Since the news has been released and as more information has become available on Friday, people have taken to social media to voice their opinions about the situation. 

Some have been less than kind about Humphries decision to sue Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton and move to the U.S. team, even going so far as to call her a traitor. 

Despite the negative reaction by some people, a lot of Twitter users sympathized with Humphries and are sad to see her go.

Jon Montgomery, skeleton athlete and host of The Amazing Race Canada, came to Humphries defense on Twitter late Thursday night. 

"This has been the most difficult ordeal of my life and I want Canada to know that competing for you, and winning for you at the Olympics, will always be the highlight of my career," said Humphries.

According to Global News, Humphries can only join Team U.S. before the international deadline if Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton releases her by Sept. 30. 

Humphries is marrying an American former bobsleigh athlete this weekend and Devin Heroux, a CBC News and Olympic Reporter, believes that the process of getting American citizenship will soon follow. 

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