Canadian Phone Companies Just Got Ranked Based On Most Customer Complaints And Here's How Your Provider Did

Chances are that you’ve had some issues with your phone provider at some point. Maybe when you signed up you were told you’d be paying one price but on the bill there’s a completely different number. Or you were misled and got locked into some contract you didn’t want to be a part of.

Or maybe you’ve just had really bad customer service at some point when you tried to resolve an issue. We’ve all been there.  

Well the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) has released a report looking at Canada’s phone providers and wow do Canadians really not get along with their phone companies.   

So how did different companies do?

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Bell came out looking the worst in this one, getting over 33% of complaints overall.

Rogers came in second with a little over 10% of complaints with Telus coming in third getting around 7.5% of complaints.   

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It should be noted that Bell, Rogers and Telus are the three with the most customers in Canada and that may be a reason they get the most complaints. 

The rest of the complaints were split between other smaller providers like Virgin Mobile, Fido and Freedom Mobile.  

So what sort of complaints are people giving?  

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Most of the complaints the CCTS received were about people being misled about things like the terms of their contract. Many people apparently feel that phone companies need to make their contracts easier for everyday people to read and understand.

The second most complained thing is people complaining about is having been billed an incorrect amount.

And in third you guessed it, people complaining about poor service. If you’ve ever had to call your phone provider about something you know exactly what that’s about.

So while Canadians do certainly love their phones, they don’t seem to like the companies providing them. 

Source: CBC