Canada is often praised for its immaculate landscapes and unprocessed wonders. As a leader in the fight against climate change, someone who isn't from the country might assume that it's some sort of spotless, pollution-free sanctuary.

However, that is definitely not the case. Canadian photographer Troy Moth demonstrated the dark side of Canada with a heartbreaking photo of a bear slumped at a landfill site while on assignment in northern Ontario.

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When he first visited the site, he had seen seven bears roaming around the landfill, scourging for food. He was so stunned by the sight that he couldn't bring himself to shoot any photos. When he returned the next day, he came across a lone bear slouched over near a flaming pit of garbage, with smoke billowing from its depths. He snapped the photo, shared it on social media and it instantly went viral.

"This is the most heartbreaking image I've ever taken," writes Moth on his Instagram post. "I teared up when shooting it, again when editing it, and on several occasions just thinking about it. I've waited nearly a month to post it as I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I do know i'll never forget this moment, and what happened to that bear afterwards, which I was too stunned to photograph."

Moth said that the photo, which he entitled 'Invisible Horseman' was the only photograph he's ever made that has made him tear up on multiple occasions.

"And I'm sure it still has more to teach me," he adds.

Many people praised Moth's photo for raising awareness about the damaging impact of landfill sites on the habitats and ecosystems of animals in the wild. Too often Canada is portrayed as some flawless paradise with flashy images of crystal clear lakes and lush green forests. But Moth's photo shows that Canada, like any other country, isn't perfect and still has a lot to do in the area of environmental conservation.

Check out Troy Moth's other incredible work on his Instagram page: @troymoth.