Canadian Pizza Delivery Photo Goes Viral For How Ridiculously Canadian It Is

Being Canadian in the winter is pretty testing. It's dark, it's cold, you can't leave your house without several layers of clothing and a shovel, and all you want to do is stay at home and eat pizza. Well, you can clearly still get pizza delivered in the terrible weather, as this Canadian pizza delivery photo shows!

The photo went viral after being shared by a Reddit user on Wednesday, November 14, adorned with the caption: "My pizza came in this tonight. And yes, I live in Canada."

It shows a Domino's Pizza sign on top of a huge SUV on raised wheels powering down a snow-covered road in the Ontario town of Collingwood, around 150 km north of Toronto.

Adrian Azcurra, the resident who ordered the pizza, was pretty alarmed to see such a heavy-duty delivery. 

"I just ordered pizza and this tank of a vehicle rolled up," Azcurra told CTV News. "I hadn't seen a truck like that on the road in a long time so I was like 'I've got to take a picture of this!"

The car was later confirmed to be a 1987 Dodge Ram Charger, a vehicle more suited to off-terrain transport or, at the very least, the deep deep snow of cottage country.

Overkill for delivering a pizza? You'd think so, but perhaps not in this early-onset Canadian winter of 2019.

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Within one day of it beginning to snow properly in southern Ontario, virtually all major roads were a nightmare.

So, no wonder this driver felt the need to big or go home.

Azcurra says he was struck by just how caricaturally Canadian the moment was.

"I was like 'you know, let me just throw this online' because it's kind of a quintessential image of Canada as the online community thinks Canada is all covered in snow and igloos and polar bears and all that stuff," he explained.

"I was kind of feeding into that by posting the picture."

So, he uploaded it to Reddit on Wednesday night and in less than 18 hours it had received 700 comments and tens of thousands of upvotes.

There were mixed responses to the photo, as you might expect.

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We're mainly here for the frankly superb Toy Story references, though, to be honest.

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This tale has a dark ending, though. Turns out the pizza being delivered was a Hawaiian pizza, complete with the hugely controversial ham and pineapple combo.

"I did, much to my wife's chagrin, order Hawaiian pizza last night," Azcurra admitted.

Honestly, what a waste of a 1987 Dodge Ram Charger. But what a Canadian photo.

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