Canadian Police Just Called Out Drake On Twitter And Here's Why

Drake's questionable fashion choice has landed him in hot water.
Canadian Police Just Called Out Drake On Twitter And Here's Why

No one is above the law, not even superstar and Canadian icon Drake. While he may not be in any legal trouble, he did catch the attention of Toronto Police, and not in a good way. 

The star was recently called out by Toronto's own Police Chief, Mark Saunders after a photo of Drake wearing a Hell's Angels sweater was posted online. 

Chief Saunders called Drake out in a big way in response to the photo tweeting that the singer had a disregard for the values of the city, which is huge considering Drake is basically the main Toronto ambassador. 

The Police Chief also said that Drake wearing the sweater was an endorsement for the group whether or not he knew what he was doing and that it makes police's job harder. 

Any endorsement, no matter it’s form, for a criminal org is frustrating for all law enforcement including TPS. It’s possible Drake didn’t know his clothing was a show of support but, if he did, then I have real concerns w/ his disregard for the values held by this city & TPS

1 September 2018

Hell's Angels is an international motorcycle gang and criminal organization. They are considered an outlaw club and have been called the biggest and baddest groups out there. 

Outlaw groups are often tied to criminal activity like drug and sex trafficking, murder, assault, and other crimes like that, which is why they are particularly concerning for law enforcement groups. 

The photo was originally posted by Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott on August 22 and shows Drake wearing the downtown Toronto Hell's Angels chapter sweater. 

Source: Vice