Ontario may have introduced new texting and driving rules recently, but all across the country, Canadian police officers are cracking down on distracted driving. Now, after several distracted driving enforcement blitzes in major Canadian cities, one police officer has revealed the top 5 reactions they've gotten after pulling people over for distracted driving. Sandra Glendinning is a patrol sergeant with Vancouver Police who documents the wildest things she sees on her shifts on Twitter. Last night, after what she called a day of targeting distracted drivers, she shared the wildest reactions she got from distracted drivers she had pulled over. 

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Her top reaction was someone asking why the police don't give out discounts on tickets for distracted driving. The reason they don't could be the fact that there are actually minimum penalties laid out in the law that they have to follow. Another top reaction for Glendinning was someone driving a very expensive luxury car, who also proceeded to complain about the cost of the ticket. 

The third top reaction Glendinning shared was some who said they were only taking a selfie. In case people didn't know, the laws aren't limited to texting and driving, so taking a selfie is also dangerous and illegal. 

Targeted distracted drivers again tonight. Top five reactions:- “Why don’t you give out discounts?”- Complaint about the fine amount from someone in a high-end luxury car.- “I was only taking a selfie.”- Tears.- “I wasn’t on my phone.”#VPD #RoadSafety

15 January 2019

Another common reaction she got from distracted drivers was just tears. Crying makes sense since getting pulled over can be a stressful situation but people should have definitely thought of that before they were driving distracted. 

Of course, the final, and I would guess one of the most common reactions is people who simply denied ever being on their phones. Lying to a police officer is a bold move, but especially since it's almost impossible to challenge distracted driving laws. 

Sandra Glendinning is in BC, where distracted driving has been regarded as a pretty serious offence since 2010. While the fines are less than in Ontario, your first conviction for distracted driving in BC results in a $543 fine and four demerit points. 

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Just like in Ontario, the fines get steeper after every infraction after that, for example, the second offence will be $888. You may also have to pay a regular annual fee you have to pay for driving after that. 

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Vancouver Police weren't the only ones targeting distracted drivers recently. Police in Toronto have just begun a week-long enforcement campaign, looking for distracted driving and issuing strict fines for anyone caught.