Canadian police officers have come up with a creative way of catching speeding drivers.  According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, life-size cutouts that look exactly like real cops are being placed at busy intersections in Lloydminster, Alberta to deter drivers from exceeding the posted speed limit. The Canadian police "scarecrows" depict a police officer wearing a hi-vis vest holding a radar gun. Each cutout is constructed out of an aluminum composite and costs between $350 and $500 to make.

The cutouts will be put on display in Alberta as part of a new trial that launches during the first week of Jun, following the success of the "scarecrow" tactic in BC. Based on the information provided by CNN, the "Constable Scarecrow" project helped to reduce the number of speeding drivers by a whopping 50 percent in British Columbia. This time around, the RCMP are anticipating similar, and hopefully better, results. 

CNN reported that although the idea of "scarecrow" cops may seem frivolous, police are confident that the cutouts will help police in achieving their goals of catching speeders in Alberta, decreasing car collisions, and improving overall traffic safety.

A similar project called "Constable Scarecrow" took place in Coquitlam, British Columbia, in which cutouts were displayed at various critical traffic zones throughout the town: in school areas, at busy intersections, and in areas that had the highest number of accidents.

When drivers became aware that the cop at a specific location was, in fact, a cutout, the cutout was moved to another location. The project proved to be successful because drivers could never be certain whether the cop they were seeing was a cutout or the real, living and breathing police officer.

Constable Michael Hagel explained to CNN, "We'll start the program in the first week of June by putting the scarecrows in a local school zone.  Our main goal is to improve traffic safety."

Hagel told CNN that the most effective way to enforce traffic safety is to "nudge" drivers into following the law.