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Canadian Premiers Were Ranked From Least To Most Popular And Doug Ford's Placement Is Downright Shocking

Out of the entire country, only two provinces' premiers received a majority approval rating.
Canadian Premiers Were Ranked From Least To Most Popular And Doug Ford's Placement Is Downright Shocking

It's definitely been an interesting year for Canada when it comes to politics. From the controversy that swirled over both the Quebec and Ontario elections to the drama that continues to ensue with controversial leaders making big moves, Canadians more now than ever have something to say when it comes to their province's leaders. 

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With that in mind, Angus Reid Institute has compiled data on each premier and how they are being received in their respective provinces so far. If the data shows anything, it's that the newer provincial leaders are so far still in their province's good books. Surprisingly, yes, that does include Doug Ford. 

His placing may shock many considering that Ford has been the subject of controversy even before he took on his role as premier. Though once he was announced as the new provincial leader of Ontario, it took him no time to start ruffling feathers by invoking the notwithstanding clause, canning Ontario's sex ed in favour of a 90's version and halting the minimum wage hike.  

Regardless, Ford placed quite high on the approval list in comparison to other provincial leaders. It's also worth noting that the top five most approved premiers consisted of a majority of Conservative party leaders, with Liberal representatives finding themselves at the latter end of the list. 

To see for yourself where your local provincial leader ranks on the list, you can scroll down to view the premiers ranked from lowest approval rating to highest! 

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Nova Scotia

Premier: Stephen McNeil

Approval rating: 30%

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Premier: Dwight Ball

Approval rating: 32%

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Premier: Brian Pallister

Approval rating: 36%

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Premier: Rachel Notley

Approval rating: 36%

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New Brunswick

Premier: Blaine Higgs

Approval rating: 40%

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Premier: Doug Ford

Approval rating: 42%

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British Columbia

Premier: John Horgan

Approval rating: 43%

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Premier: Scott Moe

Approval rating: 57%

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Premier: François Legault

Approval rating: 59%

*Prince Edward Island was not included as Angus Reid disclaimed the sample size of the province was too small.

Source: Huffington Post