It's hard to think all the way back to Coachella 2018 especially after this years Coachella drama has already overtaken our brains, but this lawsuit might jog your memory. Canadian rapper Belly expected to just perform at last years Coachella and maybe enjoy a few of his fellow performers, but the festival took a turn for the worst. Canadian rapper Belly is suing Coachella

Belly was headed backstage to support another Canadian artist, The Weeknd. He had already finished his performance on another stage and was on his way to listen to his friends set. Belly didn't even step one foot backstage before he was attacked by security guards.

The rapper is claiming he had full credentials to access the backstage area. He came out of the attack with bruises and a concussion and has stated that the incident has traumatized him physically and mentally. 

You can watch the footage of the attack captured by TMZ here

Billboard has released a statement from Belly's lawyer, Ben Meiselas, that read: 

“The sickening and unprovoked brutal assault on Belly by Coachella security is disturbing on so many levels. We will hold all those involved accountable in court, and deliver justice for Belly, and make sure this lawsuit prevents other artists and fans from being victimized by this type of outrageous and violent behaviour.”

The official lawsuit is set against Coachella itself and the festival's organizer, Goldenvoice, for hiring the security company IPS.