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This Is What A $1 Million House Looks Like In 11 Major Canadian Cities

There are some big differences.
Canadian Real Estate For $1 Million In 11 Major Cities

Buying a house in Canada is not exactly cheap. After all, Canadian real estate prices keep going up, and the market has remained strong over the last few years. But if you're not yet in the market it can be tricky, unless you happen to have $1 million.

What kind of property can you get by spending only a million dollars and not any more than that? It all depends on where you want to live.

Some major Canadian cities don't offer much when it comes to great places to live, even at this higher price tag.

On the other hand, cities that are not as high in demand can offer some surprisingly nice places to live for seven figures. You might just have to be willing to live somewhere you hadn't thought of before.

Aside from location, there are a number of other factors that go into the decision to buy a house. Square footage and amenities also play a role in which one is right for you. 

We took a look at what a $1 million listing in 11 major Canadian cities looks like, and the results vary wildly from province to province. 

2267 W 12th Avenue, Vancouver

[image 5e20665eb454e36ce04f3dec]

[image 5e206661b454e36ce04f3ded]

[image 5e20665ab454e36ce04f3deb]

Price: $988,000

Listed By: RE/MAX Crest Realty

Sure, it's not a detached building, but this two-storey Vancouver townhouse would make a perfect cozy dwelling. It provides 1099 square feet of living space, plus high ceilings and modern appliances.

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3550 199 Street Nw, Edmonton

[image 5e206d5fb454e36ce04f3e50]

[image 5e206d61ff76bb6cd9dc2977]

[image 5e206d65360ce06ced482f08]

Price: $999,900

Listed By: RE/MAX Elite

This Edmonton home may be a little more old-fashioned, but there's no reason you wouldn't be comfortable living here. A three-car garage, sauna, hot tub, and 3410 square feet of space are all pretty enticing reasons to buy.

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4201 Sage Crescent, Regina

[image 5e2073202bf5df6cd3719787]

[image 5e2073232bf5df6cd3719788]

[image 5e207326ff76bb6cd9dc29dd]

Price: $979,900

Listed by: Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

This lovely family abode in the heart of Regina would be great for entertaining. With 2,303 square feet of living space, there's plenty of room. It even has a bar in the basement. What more could you want?

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29 East Plains Drive, Winnipeg

[image 5e2074f82bf5df6cd37197a5]

[image 5e2074fbff76bb6cd9dc2a06]

[image 5e2074fe2bf5df6cd37197a6]

Price: $989,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Executives Realty

This ultra-modern mini-mansion in Winnipeg is perfect for someone who is looking for something a little different. On top of the impressive 3031 square feet of living space, this four-bedroom home includes floor-to-ceiling windows on the main floor and an indoor/outdoor courtyard.

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69 Meadow Oak Place, Toronto

[image 5e207792b454e36ce04f3f23]

[image 5e207794ff76bb6cd9dc2a47]

[image 5e2077972bf5df6cd37197da]

Price: $999,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc.

Who says you can't get a house in Toronto for less than a million dollars? This lovely listing offers between 2000 and 2500 square feet of living space, as well as a large basement and modern kitchen appliances.

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57 Rebecca Crescent, Ottawa

[image 5e207c4b2bf5df6cd3719855]

[image 5e207c4fff76bb6cd9dc2adf]

[image 5e207c53360ce06ced483082]

Price: $998,000

Listed By: RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group

Now, this is a good old-fashioned family home. This cozy little bungalow in Ottawa offers plenty of open space and natural light. The large basement is perfect for hobbies and entertainment, and the kitchen opens right out onto the beautiful backyard.

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11764 Boulevard de l'Acadie, Montreal

[image 5e207f38ff76bb6cd9dc2b27]

[image 5e207f43ff76bb6cd9dc2b29]

[image 5e207f3cb454e36ce04f3fe6]

Price: $998,000

Listed by: RE/MAX 3000

This charming Montreal property has plenty of reasons to buy, including five bedrooms, a huge finished basement, and a modern kitchen. However, its best feature by far is the backyard pool.

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1125 Waterloo Street, Halifax

[image 5e208206ff76bb6cd9dc2b5d]

[image 5e208209b454e36ce04f4033]

[image 5e20820db454e36ce04f4034]

Price: $849,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Halifax

This classically designed home in the heart of Halifax offers four bedrooms, a deck, and bay windows. It sits in a great neighbourhood and would make a wonderful family dwelling.

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88 Foxwood Drive, Moncton

[image 5e20856fb454e36ce04f40a8]

[image 5e2085722bf5df6cd3719947]

[image 5e2085762bf5df6cd3719948]

Price: $645,000

Listed by: RE/MAX Quality Real Estate Inc.

Believe it or not, if you're looking to live in the heart of New Brunswick, you can get this beautiful 4442 square foot family home for under $650,000. If you really have a million dollar budget, you could use the rest to renovate, but the interior is already so great, you probably wouldn't need to!

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95 Greenfield Avenue, Charlottetown

[image 5e1f6615b454e36ce04f3340]

[image 5e1f66192bf5df6cd3718b06]

[image 5e1f661b360ce06ced48237e]

Price: $999,500

Listed by: Century 21 Colonial Realty Inc.

This beautiful listing in PEI's capital city offers an impressive 4304 Square feet of living space. It includes four bedrooms, space for a gym, modern appliances, and even a propane fire pit in the backyard.

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16 Pine Bud Place, St. John's

[image 5e208973360ce06ced4831ec]

[image 5e208978b454e36ce04f412c]

[image 5e20897bb454e36ce04f412d]

Price: $948,750

Listed by: RE/MAX Realty Specialists Ltd.

This bold, red beauty in the heart of St. John's perfectly captures the feel of living in the Maritimes. It comes complete with a modern kitchen, sunroom, and a sitting room with a propane stove. At 4025 square feet, there's plenty of room for a family.

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