Even though Tim Hortons across the country will still have lines out the door in the mornings, Canadians are super salty when it comes to the chain and they have some right to be given all the drama Tims has caused, from going American to the situation with the minimum wage increase.  

Canadians used to love Tim Hortons and now it is just the place we all love to hate. And as it turns out not even a kind-hearted, restore your faith in humanity, type Reddit post was spared from Canadian's wrath. 

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An innocent Redditor shared their experience at a Tims drive-thru this morning, where they let someone go ahead of them in line and that person repaid the favour by buying them coffee! 

A couple years ago this kind of post would have blown up with remarks that it was the most Canadian thing ever, I mean niceness and Tim Hortons were once the two biggest parts of the Canadian identity, but apparently, those days are gone. 

Instead, people tore this post apart proving that Canadians are bitter AF when it comes to Tims. 

This morning I let a car go ahead of me in the Tim's parking lot. When I got to the window they told me he had paid for my coffee. It's the little acts of kindness that make this country great.


There are more than 500 comments on the thread and it's still rising. And of those hundreds of comments majority of them are generally bashing Tims, complaining about their own experience, and most popularly claiming that the post is really an ad. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Even the original poster ends up revealing that they also hate Tim Hortons and think it is shit, but only go there because it is the only coffee place on their way to work.

In desperately trying to prove they aren't advertising for Tims, they also claim they only posted the experience on Reddit because the guy who bought them coffee made their day and they wanted to thank him online. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

None the less this thread confirms what we have really known all along. Canadians full-on hate Tim Hortons and even an act of pure Canadian niceness can't turn their attitude towards the chain around.