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The Canadian Ski Destination With The Cheapest Real Estate Is In Quebec

Time to buy a ski chalet!
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The Canadian Ski Destination With The Cheapest Real Estate Is In Quebec

For people who can't wait for winter so they can start hitting the slopes, Canada has some pretty great places to do just that. Not only can you visit but if you're a true ski-bum you might actually consider moving there. While Canadian ski destinations can be pretty expensive, it turns out Mont-Tremblant has the cheapest real estate. 

Winter is definitely not for everybody but there are people out there who love the season because it means the time for skiing is back.

Even though some people just head to the slopes a weekend or a short vacation, a number of Canadians are actually buying property at ski destinations across the country.

According to Royal LePage, Canada's most popular winter recreational markets have seen a lot of price variation in 2019. Prices have increased in some places while others have actually gotten cheaper.

And speaking of cheaper, Mont-Tremblant, specifically St Jovite, has the cheapest real estate of all of Canada's popular ski destinations.

Back in 2000, the municipality of St Jovite joined the City of Mont-Tremblant and became Downtown Mont Tremblant, which is the area's business district.

Of the three Mont-Tremblant villages, St Jovite is the largest. 

If you're looking to snatch up some real estate in Mont-Tremblant, St Jovite is your best bet out of all well-known Canadian ski destinations.

The median price for an apartment-style condo in 2019 is just $202,450.

If a house is more your style, it isn't even that much more expensive than a condo. The median price for a single-family home in St Jovite in 2019 is only $233,500. 

There's a downside though despite the cheap prices.

"Inventory is very low in Mont-Tremblant. When a new property enters the market, buyers line up and offers flood in," said Paul Dalbec, manager at Mont-Tremblant Real Estate, in a news release. "This supply shortage in the region has led to an increase in land sales as some buyers are choosing to build over buying a home as what they are looking for isn't on the market."

Even though it's tricky to actually move there, there are so many things to do when you visit Mont-Tremblant that help to make it a top destination in the winter.

Along with downhill skiing, you can go snowboarding, cross country skiing, dog sledding, horse riding through snow-covered forest trails, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skating, ice fishing, tubing and ice climbing.

Quebec is expected to see significant snowfall this winter, thanks to more storms coming from the southwest which means conditions will be amazing for winter sports and activities in Mont-Tremblant.

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