Marijuana will officially be legal in Canada as of October 2018 - as we’re sure you’re already aware.

Police forces across the country though are currently in the process of ensuring that only people of legal age will be able to get their hands on it when it is legal.

And in some provinces, that means hiring teens to try and buy pot. 

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Nova Scotia, B.C., Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador all have a slight loophole in their legal marijuana legislation.

They all forbid anyone under the age of 19 buying cannabis EXCEPT when teens are hired by an enforcement authority to try and find locations who are selling pot to minors.

Essentially police in those provinces have the ability to hire teens to go into stores to try and buy weed. 

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If the store sells them pot then the police will know that the people working there are not checking people’s ID’s. 

Some provinces already have something similar in place to this to check if a store is selling alcohol to minors. 

The hired teens won’t be able to use a fake ID or anything like that to try and fool the people working there, the purpose is simply to check if the employees are doing the proper ID inspections. 

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These provinces will only be allowed to use 18-year-olds though as federally that’s the minimum age. Provinces like Quebec and Alberta won’t have this program though because 18-year-olds there will legally be allowed to purchase pot.

If a store is caught selling to a minor, the punishment varies province to province. In N.L you can get slapped with a fine of $10,000 yet in B.C. you'll be ticketed with a whopping $50,000 fine and potential jail time.

So if you were to start working selling pot in one of these provinces you really should make sure to check everyone’s ID. 

Source: Global News