Canadian Tire Is Donating Its Face Masks After A Store Was Caught Selling Them For $50

Gloves and hand sanitizer are also being donated.
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Canadian Tire Face Masks Are Being Donated After Criticism For Still Selling Them

Talk about doing a 180. Canadian Tire face masks are now being donated to health care workers after the retailer was criticized for still having them on shelves and a store was caught selling them for $50. Gloves and hand sanitizer are also being donated along with the masks.

The retailer announced on April 9 that it is donating all of its remaining supply of N95 and ASTM certified face masks to frontline health care workers after stopping sales of them in-store and online.

The supply chain is also being made available to the health care industry so that personal protective equipment products can be sent across the country.

"With such a large national footprint in communities across Canada, and the backing of our family of companies, we are in a unique position to provide frontline and community workers with products that will help keep them safe and effective on the job," said Greg Hicks, president and CEO of the Canadian Tire Corporation, in a news release.

In that release, the retailer said it had stopped replenishing N95 masks in all of its stores a few weeks earlier.

Also, Canadian Tire Associate Dealers have already donated 160,000 masks, 164,000 pairs of gloves and 20,000 litres of hand sanitizers to local health care and community organizations.

The retailer had initially come under fire just a few days earlier after images started circulating on social media of a store in B.C. selling a pack of disposable masks for $49.99.

Multiple people reported seeing high prices for face masks and gloves at a Canadian Tire store in Vancouver.

A dentist in the city told CTV News that selling these items "just seems so wrong, especially when the government has come out and said they’re trying to find these resources."

Earlier on Twitter, some people also expressed their disdain for Canadian Tire still selling masks, especially at a high price.

One person tweeted that a good company would be donating masks to hospitals in Canada.

Another said, "What is with Canadian Tire?"

The retailer previously had to apologize for selling masks that were mislabeled as N95 ones at one of its Toronto locations.

Canadian Tire is also donating $1 million each to the Canadian Red Cross and United Way Centraide Canada along with up to $3 million in personal protective equipment and other essential products.