A 25-year-old Canadian man has died after a tragic accident in Thailand's Chiang Mai province. According to local news outlets, the Canadian tourist died on a zip line in Thailand, as part of an adventure excursion called the Flight of the Gibbon rain forest expedition. As he was riding the zip line his safety locks snapped, causing him to plummet over 100 metres into the creek below. 

The Canadian man was identified by Suthep Saenmongkol, the district chief, as Spencer Charles. According to reports by the Bangkok Post, Charles had travelled to Thailand with his girlfriend. The couple was staying together in the nearby Chiang Mai city.

Charles was reportedly only a few moments into his zip line ride before the wire attached to his safety locks disconnected. The creek below Charles was also said to have been "rocky".

As of right now, local police have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the zip line malfunction. According to CTN, the man who was operating the zip line at the time has already accepted responsibility for what happened to Charles.

According to Chiang Mai's deputy governor Kosman Suwan-amp, Charles' body has been brought to a local hospital. His father will take his son's body back to Canada to be buried.

The death of the Canadian tourist is not an isolated incident for the Flight of Gibbon tourist attraction. Back in 2015, two riders collided violently with one another in a similar event of a malfunction. Two other accidents were reported back in 2012 both of which resulted in riders suffering a broken hip. In a more recent incident which occurred back in September 2016, three Israeli tourists were injured during a fall, according to a further report by the Bangkok Post