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Canadian Woman Convicted For Stabbing And Throwing Food At Her Boyfriend After A Concert

Newfoundland woman charged for attacking her boyfriend after the couple was ejected from a Bryan Adams concert.

 In the words of Bryan Adams, a Newfoundland couple really did make his concert in St. John's "a night to remember".  After the couple was ejected from a Bryan Adams concert in St. Johns, Newfoundland, the woman was so angry that she threw a pot of macaroni salad at her boyfriend, then stabbed him in the face. The concert took place last July at Mile One Centre in St. John's.

This March, the 34-year-old woman was convicted of numerous charges.  She had testified that the couple had been thrown out of the concert after getting into an argument with a fan.  The fan, the woman told the court, was upset because she had moved the fan's seat, allowing her to be closer to the stage.

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The fan began snapping photos of her with his phone, compelling the woman's boyfriend to snatch the phone and throw it overhead.  Security was contacted, and the couple was removed from the concert while Bryan Adams was still in the middle of his performance.  

The woman's mother - who had attended the concert with the couple - later informed the woman that they had missed a "good part of the show."

Brimming with fury, the woman confronted her boyfriend when they arrived back home, demanding to know why he had ruined the concert - the tickets for which, she had added, were quite expensive.

The woman told the court, "I kept saying, like, he ruined it, it's all his fault and he should've just kept his hands to himself, none of it would have happened.  I was cursing a little bit. I was pretty angry about the situation."

The woman requested that her boyfriend leave, but he refused.  Then, the conflict turned violent.  She testified that she pushed him and he threw her to the floor.  

The argument escalated, and she claimed she hurled a pot of macaroni salad at him, to which he responded by throwing her to the floor once more.

That's when she took the lyrics of Adams' song "Cuts Like a Knife" a bit too literally.  The woman said she then picked up a knife and pointed it at him.

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"It was one of those knives I use to peel potatoes.  I decided to pick it up, I guess, to put a bit of fear because at this point I really wanted him out of my house and nothing seemed to be working.  So when I picked it up my thought was basically maybe he'll get scared and leave," the woman claimed.

The woman testified that her boyfriend grabbed the knife from her, and threw it.  She reported that she had been injured in the struggle.

Ultimately, the woman was found guilty of common assault, assault with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer and possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes. Her sentencing date is June 3rd, where she will once again return to court.

The woman's boyfriend also testified, stating the stab wound to his face could have resulted from either him or his girlfriend during the altercation.

The police's recount of the story conflicted with the woman's; officers reported the woman was aggressive, intoxicated and belligerent. Two officers had testified that the woman had attempted to spit at one of them.

However, according to the woman, she had asked to be allowed to spit after she had been locked in the police cruiser, claiming she was dehydrated.  The officer refused, so she tried to spit out the door once he opened it. 

Judge James Walsh told the court that the woman and her boyfriend were minimizing the incident to regain custody of their children.  According to CP24, he stated, "There seems to be ample reason for them to minimize what had transpired that night as it relates to the outcome of intervention by (provincial child welfare officials)."

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Judge Walsh also said that on the night of the altercation, the woman was too drunk possess accurate memories of the incident, as evidenced by the conflicting testimony of responding police officers.

The judge also told the court that police recalled the woman had actually admitted she was guilty, saying "I was stabbed, too" when she was taken into custody.  Walsh told the court, "'I was stabbed, too,' is indicative of an acknowledgment that (he) had been stabbed and he did not stab himself."