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A Canadian Woman Just Got Into Disneyland For Free With A 34-Year-Old Ticket

If you're a Disney fan, you probably know that going to the popular theme parks can often be an expensive trip. However, one Canadian woman was able to bypass the ticket price and get into the resort for free, all because of an old voucher that she found in her home. Tamia Richardson ended up scoring a free trip to Disneyland all because of a 34-year-old ticket. 

Alberta local, Tamia Richardson was going through some of her old momentums when she stumbled across a shoebox where she discovered a 34-year-old voucher for one free admission to Disneyland.  

Remembering the time when she won the ticket back in 1985 at the Gift Giver Extraordinaire Machine during Disneyland's 30th Anniversary, it was to be expected that the ticket would be long past its expiration date. 

However, it turns out that no expiration date was ever printed on the ticket, and as Richardson returned with her family to the park last week, she was able to redeem it and get into the park at absolutely no cost. 

Richardson recalled to CBC News that as she showed up to the gates of Disney, she had no idea if they would actually accept the ticket. When showing the ticket to the gate attendant, the attendant disappeared into the back for quite some time, before returning and stating that they would honour the deal. 

Richardson recalled to Disneyland Resort Cast and Community that, "I still remember my first visit to the park, walking through the gates, hearing the bells, the clock and heading in for a fantastic day. I have fond memories of riding attractions like “it’s a small world”, meeting characters and watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. My daughters are just about the age I was when I first visited the park, so this is quite a special occasion." 

While it was a special occasion for Richardson to be able to relive her Disney adventures with her family, it was also quite a steal. 

According to CBC News, when Richardson would have won the ticket back in 1985, it would have been only $16 US for admission. However, over thirty years later, a basic one-day park admission costs around $90 US. 

However, it appears that these tickets may not be as rare are we think. When Disneyland Resort Cast and Community posted about the news on their Facebook page, multiple users began to recall that they also had similar tickets hidden away in their home somewhere. 

One user even commented, "I still have this exact one that my mom won." 

So next time you're going through your parent's old photos and souvenirs, make sure to keep an eye out for an old pink ticket because you just might be able to score a free trip to Disneyland! 

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