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A Canadian Woman Is Suing Gucci For $2.5M After She Claims The Designer Brand Left Her Disfigured

She claims she was "coerced" by staff into wearing eyeliner.

A Canadian woman is attempting to sue one of the world’s most famous designer brands, as well as a luxury department store for a whopping $2.5 million, after she claims a Gucci sales representatives in Saks Fifth Avenue coerced her into wearing makeup that left her 'disfigured' and 'unable to take part in her normal activities.'

The woman, who is from Toronto, was taking a surprise birthday trip to New York in 2016 when the alleged incident occurred. During her weekend away, Tracey Dunn and her family decided to visit the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, and it was in this store that she says she was ‘coerced’ by a Gucci makeup artist to wear eyeliner, and ended up in ‘excruciating pain.’

Tracey Dunn alleges that when she entered the Saks Fifth Avenue store on 31 July, 2016, she was approached by a representative of Gucci ‘within minutes’. According to documents filed within the New York County Supreme Court, the representative ‘coerced’ Dunn into having eyeliner applied “without the warning or consent of the plaintiff.”

According to Dunn, the Gucci makeup artist did not clean or sharpen the eyeliner that he used on her, and applied the makeup “suddenly, forcefully and vigorously.” Dunn described the application as “a back and forth movement,” and noted that the eyeliner was used on the inside and outside of her eyelids.

According to the court documents, the Gucci makeup artist did not stop applying the eyeliner to Dunn, even after she asked him to stop. Immediately after, Dunns eyes reportedly started to hurt and water. In fact, the documents allege that the pain and weeping from her eyes were so prominent, Dunn was no longer able to see. 

Dunn says that she immediately returned to her hotel room with her family, where she tried to remove the makeup from her eyes. However, she reports that it had “clumped and accumulated along her eyelashes, eyelids and inside her eyelids,” which caused her “excruciating pain.”

When Dunn returned home to Toronto, she visited her local doctor, dermatologist and ophthalmologist for an assessment of her eyes, as well as the loss of her eyelashes. According to the court documents, Dunn now suffers from poor vision, soreness and sensitivity and is unable to read for long periods.

According to the court filing, Dunn is now claiming $1 million (USD) for her loss of income, as she claims comes the “emotional and mental distress” of losing her eyelashes has prevented her from continuing with her real estate brokerage business with confidence.

Dunn is also claiming a further US$250,000 for ongoing physical pain and US$250,000 for 'mental pain and suffering'. The court documents allege that she now has a “complete lack of self-confidence because of the disfigurement” and has “suffered weight gain” as a consequence.

Finally, she is claiming an additional US$500,000 for punitive damages and US$250,000 for the loss of her eyelashes. 

The court documents were filed this week and call for a jury trial to be held. All of the allegations made by Dunn are yet to be heard by the courts.

Narcity has reached out to Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue for a comment, this article will be updated with their response.

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