The staffing agency, Robert Half, just released some info that we could rejoice in. They found that most Canadian employers have multiple different wellness benefits available to their workers including mental, physical, and financial wellness benefits. Canadian workplace wellness in office environments seems to be in a good place, according to research from Robert Half.More than half of Canadian employers cover some wellness program costs, according to the research. By 2020, 71% of organizations will offer various incentives as well as staff bonuses. The incentives are expected to include bonuses, profit-sharing, and spot awards.Forty-three percent of firms expect to increase the dollar amount of their rewards, and 41% expect to boost the frequency of rewards. Thirty-three percent of companies anticipate adding even more offerings than what they already provide. How about that?"More and more companies are focused on all aspects of well-being in their recruitment and retention efforts," said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. "Offering benefits like health insurance is just one piece of the puzzle. Resources like stress management and retirement planning seminars help workers balance professional and personal priorities."It seems as though Canadian employers are taking the wellbeing of their workforce seriously. If so, the future of employment in Canada is looking bright. 

As you can see, the numbers are looking good for workers. This is especially prevalent in the mental wellness department, where 74% of companies are offering some sort of stress reduction or mental wellbeing benefit. In today's world of growing mental health awareness, it seems as though Canadian employers are all ears. Sixty-five percent of companies will also offer financial wellness benefits, so you can plan for retirement, invest in stocks, etc. Canadians could take another step away from living paycheque-to-paycheque, it seems.Physical wellness has not been forgotten either. Sixty-three percent of Canadian companies offer some kind of gym membership or physical activity benefit for their employees who want to stay active and fit. 

Robert Half Staffing Agency developed these surveys online and they included responses from over 1,000 HR managers at companies with 20 or more employees. The findings reflect and apply to more than 2,000 workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments, according to the news release.

This isn't the only recent good news about employee benefits in Canada. We've been keeping tabs on workplace news, and where Canadians are happiest at work. Though the news isn't always great, we're happy to be reporting some positivity today.

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