When it’s cold, rainy or you just don’t have the energy or the time, making it out of the house to do some grocery shopping can be hard. Which is why a lot of us depend on online grocery delivery services like UberEats, Skip The Dishes, Doordash ;however, Instacart users have started to take to Twitter and Reddit to share their concerns about how it isn’t actually just the delivery fee that you are paying when you use Instacart but there are also massive food markups.

Users are claiming that all the food that is purchased through Insacart is actually extremely marked up opposed to the price that you would pay for it when you went into the store yourself. This means that while you could be paying $2.46 for squash while you are physically in the grocery store, Instacart will be charging you $4.83 when you order the exact same product.

One of the main reasons for these high markups, according to users, is because Instacart does not offer sales and promotions that the grocery store is having. If you receive ground beef with a 30% off sticker on it, you will not receive that 30% off your bill. Or, if your local grocery sale is having a sale on chips, the sale will not apply while you are using Instacart.

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This means, that while Instacart is paying less for your food, you are paying more. While Instacart does have some of their own sales and promotions throughout their app that allows you to save some money, many users are arguing that it is not even close to what you would save if you just took the trip to the grocery store yourself.

In the fine print of Instacarts Help Page, they prove these claims by stating, “Retailers set the prices of products available for delivery on the Instacart platform. In some cases, prices may be higher than in-store. Although Instacart may not honor in-store discounts, we do offer exclusive coupons for select items,”.

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Reddit user @yuffie_chan made a post about their Instacart experience where they were charged $64 for a bill that would have only amounted to $37 if they had purchased the items themselves. Creating a chart, this Reddit user compared the Instacart prices to the actual price paid via the paper receipt they received afterward and discovered that products were marked up anywhere from 7- 115%.

Via Reddit

Many Twitter users have also expressed the same issues with the service. One user even claims that their receipt was double than what they would have paid in the store. Their paper receipt came to a total of $81.81 while Instacart charged them $169.32. 

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@Instacart you are ripping people off! My paper receipt is $81.81 but you charged me $169.32. I call to be told by customer service you don’t honor @Publix deals. I know there is a slight markup on some grocery items but this is insane. pic.twitter.com/Dkfq9ZvolP

January 16, 2019

*BEWARE* When ordering #instacart groceries online from any store there is an online markup from in store price. I was unaware of this and ended up paying $61 more than I would have in the store. So much for free shipping apparently they state in the terms and conditions 🤨😒

November 16, 2018

After using @Instacart a couple times this past month, it's hard to imagine the brand having enough staying power once consumers realize the markups are huge. 2x for things like salmon where the store price is on the bag & the markup obvious won't last outside of a certain market

August 6, 2018

Instacart is seriously the biggest scam. I knew there was a markup (and for convenience I'm fine with it) but an item they charged me $6.31 for was $1.88 on the receipt. The total bill was 20% more than store prices. Then on top of that they charge delivery/fees.

January 31, 2018

Reddit user in Boston last weekend got a glimpse into Instacart’s markup practices when they neglected to remove the original in-store receipt from the order. The difference was a 42.8 percent markup—and that’s before a $12 service fee, a $6 delivery fee, taxes, and tip.

November 17, 2018

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So next time you use Instacart because you didn’t have time to grocery shop, make sure you are aware by the amount of extra money you are paying before you order since it’s not only the delivery price that you have to account for.