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Canadians Are Being Advised Not To Travel To These 4 Places In Asia Currently

The Canadian Government has issued a warning to travellers heading to Asia.
Canadians Are Being Advised Not To Travel To These 4 Places In Asia Currently

If you were hoping to take a trip to Asia this fall you may want to think again! The Canadian Government announced four travel advisories for Asian tourist destinations due to severe weather. 

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Last week, the Government announced 12 travel advisories but today's four are not related to the previous releases. They will issue travel advisories when a country is facing danger or if Canadian travellers are at risk by going to a certain area of the world.

The main threat that's putting Canadians at risk is Typhoon Mangkhut, a major storm that has been putting multiple Asian countries on watch. China had already issued an evacuation notice for residents due to the extreme ferociousness of the storm. 

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While some advisories are only warnings, the typhoon has already caused a lot of damage across Asia and continues to cause flight cancellations. An adventurous spirit won't help you stay safe from extreme weather. 

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Here are the following four places that Canadians are advised not to visit in Asia:

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is under a normal advisory as the typhoon has just made its way through the autonomous territory. Still, travellers are being warned to take caution due to active weather and unpredictability that comes with it. 


Macao is another autonomous region in the southern part of China that has been issued an advisory due to the extreme weather. As you can see from the photo above, the weather has caused a ton of damage in the region that will cause issues for travellers. 


China is still dealing with Typhoon Mangkhut and is experiencing weather that's dangerous for Canadian travellers. Flights have been cancelled and areas of the country are completely destroyed. Since China has evacuated their own residents it's not a good idea for Canadians to make a visit during the Typhoon but the Government is also reminding travellers about a high risk of encountering protests and isolated acts of violence on tourists. 


While the Typhoon is affecting Vietnam also, Canadian travellers visiting the country are also to be warned of Zika virus and petty theft. If Canadians are pregnant or soon wishing to become pregnant they should avoid travelling to Vietnam to avoid Zika.

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