There's a major debate going on in Canada right now but one key player is missing out. On an Ottawa subreddit, Canadians are debating between which donut establishments are the greatest, but Tim Hortons hasn't even been mentioned once. 

The debate started off comparing Suzy Q's to Mavericks, popular shops in the Ottawa area, but people have been adding other contenders to the mix. 

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Among the contenders are many local bakeries that are apparently the best and even an American company, Krispy Kreme has been suggested, but no one has mentioned beloved Canadian classic Tim Hortons. 

While it's a hit to our Canadian national identity, it is sadly unsurprising that people haven't even thought about Tim Hortons as a contender for best donuts because a lot of people quite honestly don't like them. 

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Tim Hortons receives a lot of hate for people claiming that their food isn't that great, and to be fair it probably doesn't stack up against specialty donut shops such as Suzy Q's when it comes to taste and unique flavours. But where it does measure up is in availability and affordability. 

While a lot of the contenders brought forward in the debate were prefaced that you may have to call and order ahead or drive up to an hour outside of the city, Tim Hortons is conveniently located almost everywhere in Canada and will always have some kind of donut available. Also, six donuts at Suzy Q's is around $12 while at Tim Hortons the same amount is less than half the price! 

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We can't say we are surprised that Tim Hortons doesn't have the best donuts in the country, but to not even be included in the debate? Well, that just seems unpatriotic!