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Canadians Are Even More Obsessed With Sandra Oh After She Hosted SNL Last Night

Canadians are even more obsessed with Sandra Oh after her performance on Saturday Night Live last night.

You wouldn't think it was possible, but Canadians are even more obsessed with Sandra Oh after she hosted SNL last night. The Canadian actress took over the Saturday Night Live stage last night for the first time ever and took advantage of it to put her Canadian pride on display. 

Sandra Oh is best known for her roles first as Cristina Yang on the iconic medical drama Grey's Anatomy and more recently her Emmy award-winning role as Eve on Killing Eve. Neither of these shows are comedies, in fact, they are both "dark and twisty" as Cristina Yang would say, but despite not being known for getting a laugh on screen, Sandra Oh did not disappoint with the comedy last night. 

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On top of hosting, Oh brought all her greatness to some of the sketches on the show last night. She managed to star as the co-worker of an 85-year-old office worker, an SAT prep teacher, "Jussie Smollett's" agent, a maiden in a love triangle, and a Russian interpreter. Then there is her opening monologue where she talks about being a Canadian-Asian and also an American citizen. 

What's winning people over though are the small doses of Canadian pride that Oh brought into hosting with her. 

For instance, as one of her wardrobe choices, was a simple black blazer paired with a graphic tee. Not just any graphic tee though, Oh managed to sneak in a retro CBC logo t-shirt with her outfit despite being on a completely different TV network. Even CBC was expressing their adoration for Sandra Oh after that move.

Sandra you’re simply the best. #SNL pic.twitter.com/NwlbzQxd2J

March 31, 2019

Everyone else was obsessed with the CBC shirt too. 

We legit don’t deserve @IamSandraOh. 🇨🇦

March 31, 2019

Doing Ottawa CANADA proud!

March 31, 2019

Love you Sandra!!

March 31, 2019


March 31, 2019

Then before even taking the SNL stage, yesterday morning Sandra Oh gave a shout out to some of the Canadians who helped her get to where she is including the Canadian Improv Games, her high school drama teachers, and everyone she did improv with back in Ottawa. All this was expressed in a heartfelt video she shared on her twitter

Good morning! pic.twitter.com/FtXB7Sxl9T

March 30, 2019

As you can guess, Canadian were obsessed with this video as well. 

I love how you never forget your “roots” - good luck tonight and you’ll be amazing!!

March 30, 2019

You are grace personified.

March 30, 2019

Sandra Oh: SpeaksMe: pic.twitter.com/fO5lmxt3XR

March 30, 2019

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To sum this all up, Sandra Oh is a Canadian Queen and we don't deserve her but we're so glad we have her. 

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