Out of all the things the provinces of Canada could be fighting over, tap water seems like it would be the least of everyone's concerns. Though as usual, Canadians are proving each other wrong by finding the most niche topics to argue about. This time, they're discussing the difference between tap water across the country and who's is the worst. 

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Even though the standards for tap water over here in Canada in comparison to the United States are stricter and held to higher quality standards, the jury has spoken and Canadians are surprisingly passionate about the difference they say they taste between waters from different provinces. As well as which province has such bad water they'd rather buy a bottle. 

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For example, while 38% of Ontarians believe they're water tastes the best in the country, they ranked last in contrast to the Prairies, British Columbia, Atlantic and Quebec when it came to the surveys. Toronto also ranked amongst the lowest in the major cities category. Though this doesn't impact Torontonian's seemingly unwavering love for the city's tap water: 

Man, Toronto tap water is so good. I'd bottle that right up and sell it to myself.

November 23, 2012

When it comes to filtering, while 58% of British Columbia residents think that their water tastes the best, they actually filter their water the most out of all the other provinces in the country.

"@WillSasso: My favorite beverage is British Columbia tap water. :D" it's particularly mountain fresh ain't it?

December 2, 2017

Tap water just tasted like weed. What the fuck. The single most thing I hate about this city; has the worst tap water in Canada.

November 16, 2011

In comparison, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic follow behind British Columbia with filtering percentages falling between 12% to 9.8%. 

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While it's clear that both British Columbia and Ontario's love for their own tap water comes with some baggage and a possible lack of self-awareness, there's at least one area in the country that agrees on their water. That being Atlantic Canada, where 17% of Canadians claim they are "highly unsatisfied" with their country's water system for their area. 

So clearly there is a pretty big difference in the way our tap water can taste depending on where you are in the country, regardless of the high standards tap water is held to in Canada. Either way, this tap water debate does inspire the concept of traveling Canada and testing each area's tap water to find the ultimate winner. 

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