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Canadians Are Trying To Figure Out What Our Country's Values Are And It's Hilarious

Canada is a mosaic of different cultures and histories coming together, which is what gives our country so much diversity. But it definitely doesn't make it easy to figure out what our national identity is. 

With a federal election coming up in the next year, people are going to start hearing a lot about Canadian values in the platforms and from the candidates.

In an effort to figure out what exactly those values are Canadians have taken to Reddit. 

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One Redditor posted a very valid question saying that they hear politicians on all sides mentioning our Canadian values but not defining them so they wanted to know what people thought they were.

While they got some very helpful answers, they also got some hilarious ones as well. 

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According to one response, a Statistics Canada survey in 2013 confirmed that most Canadians believed our values were human rights, respect for the law, gender equality, and other things like that.

Given that Statistics Canada is the official source for data in Canada it seems like a reputable set of values. But Canadians weren't sold on those being our nation's only values and they're other suggestions were hilariously accurate. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Some other stereotypically important parts of the Canadian identity include going to Tim Hortons (or hating it depending who you ask), playing hockey all year round, and saying sorry every chance we get.