Canadian's Can't Stop Making Fun Of The Book Chosen As Canada's Most Controversial Novel Ever

The novel Bear is one of the most controversial Canadian books ever.

In 1976, Canadian author Marian Engel wrote what would become her most famous novel ever, Bear. The book won the Governor General's Literary Award, one of Canada's most prestigious book awards, but has also been called the most controversial Canadian novel ever. 

Why is it so controversial you ask? Well, the story is about a lonely librarian in Northern Ontario who regularly f*cks a bear. The book is so wild, no pun intended, that Redditors have been tearing it apart online lately and it's hilarious. 

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Some people are obviously confused about the mechanics of the relationship between the librarian and the bear, while others really hope the sex is just metaphorical. 

To answer that last question (no, it's not) and some Redditors have actually read this ridiculous book and share their insights. 

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Aside from the plot based questions, people also seem shocked that this book was award-winning, and some assumed that it just won by default because there were no other good books at the time. 

But in the case of Bear that isn't what happened. The book genuinely received praise and good reviews not only in Canada but internationally as well. The Spanish version, Oso, has particularly been well received and become quite popular. 

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Aside from general questions people also can't help but make their fair share of Bear jokes and puns. 

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This isn't the first time Bear has made its way to internet stardom. In 2014, a meme of the cover with the caption "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, CANADA?" went viral and actually ended up encouraging more people to read it.