Canadians Get Brutally Honest About The Things They Hate Most About Canada

Canadians aren't being polite about what they hate.
Canadians Get Brutally Honest About The Things They Hate Most About Canada

Around the world, Canada has a reputation for being super friendly, laid back, and of course cold. Here at home, though, we know the truth. It's not all hockey and sunshine. It turns out that there are actually a lot of things that Canadians hate about our country. 

On the Canadian sub-Reddit, you are bound to find negative and hateful comments on any given post. One post specifically asked for them. When asked on Reddit what people hate most about our country, Canadians didn't hold back. These are some of their top answers. 

Internet and phone plan costs are, without a doubt, the most hated thing about Canada. Many people also blame the government for the fact that a monopoly of three main companies (Bell, Rogers, and Telus) essentially dominate the telecoms industry. Several people on the thread also talk about how they are screwed over constantly by these three companies and that prices are ridiculously high

Right up there with internet prices is flight prices, both in terms of cost and hatred. Even flying domestically within the country is ridiculously expensive. Many people have complained about having to drive across the country because a flight is simply too expensive, while others have had to dish out thousands of dollars just to make it home for the holidays. 

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Surprisingly, a big issue for some Canadians is the fact that there is almost no relationship between the provinces. As one person put it, it's almost like Canada is just a bunch of small countries only looking out for themselves and not working together. Other Canadians complained about the lack of national identity and unifying factor in the country.  

It's not a secret that housing prices in Canada can be ridiculous which is why it's not shocking that the real estate market made the most-hated list. The market here is definitely worse than other countries like the US. Especially in the Toronto and Vancouver areas, where people have complained that even a small house can be over $1 million. 

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Obviously, Tim Hortons was going to make the list. Despite being associated with the Canadian identity so much a number of Canadians actually hate the coffee chain. On this Reddit thread, they specifically blamed the poor quality coffee and stale donuts as the source of their hatred. 

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If you're a commuter you may already know this but apparently our public transit, even in major cities, is seriously lacking. Canadians have complained that in multiple places across the country, public transit is too expensive, takes way too long, or both.

Another surprising thing on the list is the stereotype that Canadians are always so nice and friendly. While Canadians hate this stereotype, it's not because we hate to get stereotyped, but because it's apparently a complete lie. Many Canadians have complained that the people here can actually be really rude and passive-aggressive.

Finally, what would a list about the most hated things in Canada be without the weather? Even though we often claim that we are made for the winter and the cold doesn't bother us, secretly some Canadians hate winter and snow. Here they especially complained about having to wear heavy coats, walk through slush, and the amount of rain in BC.

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What's actually most surprising about this list is what's not on it. Despite blaming the government for certain policies or the fact that monopolies run almost everything in Canada, no one specifically named Justin Trudeau. This is especially shocking since no matter what Trudeau does, Canadians are usually salty AF about it. 

While this list may be depressingly negative, there is a silver lining. Among all the things Canadians hate about our country, a lot of so-called hot topics didn't make the list. Things like legal cannabis or our approach to the refugee crisis weren't mentioned at all, so perhaps Canada is doing something right.