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Canadians Get Paid Way More Working In The Weed Industry Than The Average Job In Canada

Statistics Canada reports that cannabis-related jobs pay more than the average Canadian job.
Canadians Get Paid Way More Working In The Weed Industry Than The Average Job In Canada

Now that marijuana has been legalized in Canada, Statistics Canada released a new report on December 7th about the job force in the country in 2018. They reported that the marijuana industry has been a positive impact on the jobs in Canada and has created thousands of new positions for Canadians. 

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Legal Cannabis Is The Best Thing To Happen To Canada In 40 Years

Not only is the weed industry in Canada bringing in more jobs for Canadians, but also more money. Statistics Canada reported that cannabis-related jobs actually significantly better than the average job in Canada. 

"Notably, cannabis-related jobs pay better than the Canadian average, with hourly wages at $29.58, compared to $27.03 for the country as a whole," read the report. That may not sound like a big difference with the hourly comparison, but when comparing the two wages annually, it's a difference of $5,304. 

Cannabis-related jobs pay on average around $61,526 each year based on an hourly wage of $29.58. Using the same measures, the average Canadian job pays $56,222 annually. 

Some cannabis-related positions can even pay a six-figure salary. For instance, in British Columbia, the government is currently looking for people to fill positions in the legal weed industry and are paying up to $112,000 a year. You can find out more about the positions on the BCLDB website

The marijuana job sector has created thousands of new jobs as well. "The number of people employed in cannabis-related jobs in November was 10,400, an increase of 7,500 (+266%) from 12 months earlier," read the report from Statistics Canada.

The increase in cannabis-related jobs helped lower the unemployment rate to 5.6%, which is the lowest it has been since comparable data was available over forty years ago in 1976, according to Statistics Canada

If you're interested in working in the cannabis industry, there are several different sectors Canadians can work in. 58% of the cannabis-related jobs in Canada in November 2018 were in the agriculture industry, but there are several other industries, such as educational services, health care, and retail trade, Statistics Canada reportedFor instance, right now, there are several postings for cannabis-related positions in B.C. 

If you're wondering where is best to work in the weed industry, Ontario is the province that is home to the largest amount of cannabis-related jobs. "The highest level of cannabis-related employment was in Ontario, an estimated 5,700, representing more than half of the national total," read the report. "Ontario is the province with the largest concentration of licensed producers". 

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