Canadians Just Revealed What They Hate Most About Winter And It's Not The Snow

Canadians just revealed what they hate most about winter and turns out it's actually driving and darkness.
Canadians Just Revealed What They Hate Most About Winter And It's Not The Snow

It is almost March but here in Canada winter still doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. For example, today in Toronto the entire city is being blanketed by around 15 cm of snow today. You would think this unrelenting winter weather would be the bane of our existence, but in a recent survey Canadians revealed what they hate most about winter and it's actually not the snow. 

The survey was done by TripCentral, who asked 2000 Canadians what they really think about winter. When asked to rank the worst things about winter, the top answer wasn't specifically the snow. Coming in first in the rankings, was winter driving. In fairness, this is related to the snow but suggests that Canadians don't mind snow itself, they just hate navigating through it. 

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Coming not far behind winter driving in the rankings was the fact that it gets dark so early. This second most hated element of winter further proves that snow isn't the biggest deal to Canadians. In fact, out of the seven different things people could hate about winter, shovelling snow only ranked fourth. Even when asked open-endedly, the majority of Canadians still didn't say that snow was the worst part of winter. 

Instead, Canadians revealed that the thing they hate most about winter is actually the cold. When asked openly about it, the most common answers from Canadians were the cold and then the freezing temperatures. 

In fact, while 55% of respondents revealed they hated the cold, only 25% of Canadians who took the survey responded that they hated the snow the most. That means that for a large majority of Canadians there are things they hate about winter more than just snow. 

Some of these other most hated things about winter include ice, slippery walkways, the windchills, the fact that sun isn't seen for pretty much the entire season, and even dry lips. 

Even when asked about winter activities, the majority of Canadians revealed that they don't enjoy outdoor winter activities like skiing, hiking, or skating. Only 17% of people who responded said they enjoy those kinds of things. 

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Unfortunately for Canadians wishing to escape the cold, TripCentral also revealed alongside their survey that vacation prices are directly tied to the weather so on a tough winter day like today prices are likely to be higher along with the demand.