Round two of award season is coming up and we just got a huge wave of nominations for the 2019 Emmy Awards! As usual, more than half of the nominees are American, but Canadians got their fair share of love this year. We ended up with ten nominations altogether. Let's take a look at all the Canadians nominated for the 2019 Emmy Awards

If you want to tune in and support your fave Canadians, the awards will take place on September 22 at 8:00PM EST. 

Schitt's Creek

Fans have been waiting five years for Schitt's Creek to get the nominations they did this year. For the show as a whole, Schitt's Creek was nominated for best comedy and for best contemporary costume design. The cast is made up of all Canadian actors including Eugene Levy, Catherin O'Hara, Dan Levi, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, and so many more.

Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy is nominated for best comedic actor for his role as Johnny Rose on Schitt's Creek, which according to fans is definitely long overdue.

Catherine O'Hara 

Catherine O'Hara is also nominated for her role as Moira Rose on Schitt's Creek for best comedic actress. If she wins, this would be her second Emmy!

Sandra Oh

It's no surprise that our Canadian acting queen is on this list. Sandra Oh swooped in and stole three nominations for herself. She's nominated for best leading actress in a drama series for her role on Killing Eve, and the show is also nominated for best drama series. She also managed to wiggle her way into a nomination for her role as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Manny Jacinto 

Manny Jacinto is surrounded by Americans on the television show he was nominated for. Although it's a bummer he didn't get an individual award for his role as Jason Mendoza on The Good Place, the show was nominated for best comedy up against Schitt's Creek.

Sarah Goldberg 

Sarah Goldberg also managed to slide her way into the comedy category. Her show, Barry, was nominated for best comedy series as well.

Michael Mando  

Micheal Mando also made the drama series nominations list. The show he works on, Better Call Saul, was nominated for best drama series against Sandra Oh's Killing Eve.

We wish all of our homegrown nominees the best of luck and we hope they make us proud!