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The CRTC Claims That Your Phone Bill Has Actually Gotten Cheaper Over The Past 2 Years

When it comes to your phone bills, many Canadians often think that they are paying more than they should be for their services. However, despite your initial thoughts, the CRTC just announced that the price of mobile plans has actually dropped in the past two years, and you aren't paying as much as you may have been in the past. In fact, the CRTC states that out of all communication bills that you may be facing, the price of mobile plans has dropped the most over the past few years. 

In a press release, the CRTC states that the average amount that Canadians are paying for their mobile, internet, television and home phone (maybe you're old fashioned) was actually 11 percent lower in 2018 than it was in 2016. 

Out of all these devices, the study showed that mobile plans were actually the bill that dropped the most for Canadians. In fact, it is reported that a normal phone bill that offers unlimited voice, text messaging and 5 GB of data fell from the average price of $78.36 in 2016 to $51.05 in 2018. 

This means, that Canadians are paying nearly $30 less for their average phone bill than they had been in the past. 

Of course, some Canadians may not have seen this dip in the past few years. Whether it be because you were locked into a phone plan, or have gradually been adding data to your plan over the past few years. Some Canadians have discovered new ways to tack on more dollars to their phone bill, despite the cheaper prices. 

However, despite phone bill prices being the lowest they have been for the past couple of years, a study done earlier this year found that Canadians are paying more for their phone bills than anywhere else in the world. 

A study done by Tefficient discovered that Canadians are actually paying up to 70 times more per month than those in other countries across the world. Yet, it was also found that Canadians use less data than other countries around the world. 

Amazingly, it's not just phone bills that are dropping in price. The CRTC also states that an average internet bill dropped from $82.05 per month to $79.40 a month, giving Canadians a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to their finances. 

According to CRTC these dropped prices come after consumers "raised concerns about the prices of communication services."