If there's one thing that all Canadians love, it's the Raptors. Since the Raptors have taken home the NBA championship, it seems as the entire nation has Raptors fever. Just in case the millions of people crowding the streets at the Raptors victory parade wasn't enough to show you that Canadians are taking pride in the team, one survey has recently shown that Canadians love the basketball team so much they are taking more pride in the Raptors than they are in Confederation

According to a survey "Sources of Personal or Collective Pride in Canada" done by the Association for Canadian Studies, Canadians between the age of eighteen to twenty-four state that they have more pride for the Toronto Raptors team than they do for the Confederation of Canada and the monarchy. 

Thirty-six percent of Canadians between the ages of eighteen to twenty-four find that the Raptors are a very important token of pride in Canada, while only fifteen percent believe the monarchy is important and twenty-nine believe the Confederation is part of Canadian Pride. 

While the Raptors are considered one of the more important tokens to Canadian pride, they surprisingly aren't the highest pride worthy Canadian thing. 

Survey shows that Universal Health Care comes out at number one, with seventy-three percent of Canadians believing that it is a very important source of Canadian pride. 

The Canadian passport comes in second at the most pride-worthy item, with seventy percent of Canadians believing it's important for personal or collective pride in the nation. 

While the Raptors might not be the most pride-worthy item in Canada, they are considered the sports team that gives Canadians the most pride.

According to the survey, the Toronto Raptors are considered the most pride-worthy team at twenty-seven percent throughout Canada. The Toronto Maple Leafs are considered the second-best team at twenty percent. 

Toronto Blue Jays, Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadians, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are all also considered to give Canada a sense of pride but do not nearly tally as high as the Raptors.