For many of us not going back to school this year and who haven't been able to find full-time jobs with health benefit plans, the burden of trying to afford expensive prescription medication is real. The essential drugs many of us need is costing us more than we can actually afford.

Today, 3.5 million Canadians can’t afford to fill their prescriptions or are doing things like skipping pills in order to make their drugs last longer, sacrificing money for groceries to pay for prescriptions, or draining their savings accounts to fund their medical costs. If you've found yourself in this situation before, you're definitely not alone. 

That's why starting today, Canada’s unions are taking a stand to get a universal prescription drug plan set up for all Canadians across the nation. It would be linked to our health cards and would ensure that all Canadians could get the basic health insurance coverage that could potentially save their lives. 

When it comes to costs, The Canadian Labour Congress says that it would be a $1 billion dollar investment annually for the federal government but it would save $7.3 billion a year for Canadians on the medications they need. It would also mean that the price of each drug would be more standardized since the costs would be negotiated by the government for all Canadians. 

Most Canadians have been ready for this change for quite some time now.2015 Angus Reid poll found that 91% of Canadians believe our healthcare system should already include a universal prescription drug plan.

So what do you think? Is it time that the government implements this change?

Source: ibewcanada