Canadians Were Asked To Rank Trudeau Based On How Tough They Think He Is And The Results Are Embarrassing

Canadians did not hold back when asked to rank Trudeau's toughness on the China and Huawei situation.
Canadians Were Asked To Rank Trudeau Based On How Tough They Think He Is And The Results Are Embarrassing

It's no secret that the last few months have been tough for Trudeau. With an impending election, the last thing the current Prime Minister probably wants to deal with is the ever-dwindling number of his supporters in the wake of numerous controversies. Unfortunately, it seems Trudeau's bold moves against China and Huawei haven't helped his already rough approval ratings and if anything, they may bring his overall ratings down even further. 

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With the current relationship between Canada and China reaching a boiling point, Trudeau has been put to the test on how well he can handle China's frustration while also assisting the U.S. Since the arrest of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou, Canada has been called "America's lapdog" and the "United States' 51st state" by Chinese media outlets, but it's not just China that thinks Trudeau is being a pushover. 

According to the Angus Reid Institute who conducted a survey on Canadians that was released this past Friday, 30% believe that Trudeau is doing a "very poor job" at handling the current China situation. Another 20% believe he is doing a "poor job," whereas 28% believe he is doing "good" and only 5% see Trudeau's actions so far as "very good." 

To make matters worse out of the people spoken to, 44% believe that Trudeau's government just isn't "tough enough." On the other hand, 29% believe the government's choices so far have been "right" and 20% think they should "ease up." 

Clearly, it's not just China that is frustrated with Trudeau's actions as of late, but regardless Canadians should wait to see if and how the Prime Minister pulls himself out of this mess before passing their final judgment. Though with the situation only seeming to get more complicated, who knows how long it will take for Canada to unravel itself from this mess. 

Source:National Post