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Canadians Will Actually Pay Less For Meat And Seafood From Grocery Stores In 2019

You won't believe which items are actually decreasing in price!
Canadians Will Actually Pay Less For Meat And Seafood From Grocery Stores In 2019

It seems that as the years go on, living in Canada continues to get more and more expensive. From the impending rise in prices for gas to other necessities like clothing and electronics, it definitely isn't cheap to be Canadian these days. Though surprisingly, it seems that you may catch a break at the grocery store of all places depending on what you eat. 

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The Canada Food Price Report for 2019 that was released by the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University details the increases and decreases in food items found at your local grocery store. While some items have seen a hike, there are some surprising items that are actually decreasing in price.

According to the report, meat and seafood are actually going to decrease in price next year, while other food categories will get more expensive. Below we have ranked the compiled information by the biggest to the smallest decrease in price: 

Meat: -3% to -1% 

Seafood: -2% to 0% 

Dairy: 0% to 2% 

Food: 0% to 2%

Bakery: 1% to 3%

Fruit: 1% to 3%

Restaurants: 2% to 4% 

Vegetables: 4% to 6% 

Surprisingly, meat and seafood were among the items that would be depreciating in price for the upcoming year.

While it seems that meat and seafood are still quite popular, the amount of Canadians who are changing to vegan or vegetarian diets have made quite the impact. As a result of a decreasing consumer base, the store prices of meat and seafood products are projected to go down.  Unsurprisingly, as a result, the price of vegetables is on the rise.

Unfortunately, regardless of the bread pricing scandal that was exposed earlier this year, it seems that the price of baked goods will still rise for 2019. Along with the bakery aisle, you'll also see a hike in the fruit aisle.

In recent years eating out has also become more pricey, and unfortunately, it's predicted to get even more expensive with a 2% to 4% hike expected. Meaning meal prepping might not just be a good new year's resolution for your health, but also for your wallet. 

Clearly, the anticipated increases and decreases will affect Canadians differently depending on their diet. Though it definitely makes us a lot more motivated to pay attention to cheap alternatives in different aisles to lower our bill at check out! 

Source:Global News 

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