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Canadians Will Pay Over $1,000 On Gas This Summer Alone Due To Skyrocketing Prices

The relentless rise of gas prices in Canada could mean that residents across the country will be paying a lot more money to fill up this summer than usual .

According to Dan McTeague, an analyst at GasBuddy, the national average gas price is currently around $1.34 per litre, which is over a dollar more than last year. With gas prices usually fluctuating up five to seven cents at the end of every May, there's a likely chance that that national average price could get even higher this summer.

"There's still pretty good odds that prices will head up, with prices possibly reaching $1.40 at times through the summer," McTeague tells Global News.

Calculations conducted by GasBuddy, Global News and CAA reveal that Canadians could be facing additional costs of around $100 to $200 this summer compared to last summer:

  • Compact Car —$475 (summer 2017) vs $588 (summer 2018)
  • SUV — $779 (summer 2017) vs $965 (summer 2018)
  • Pickup truck — $821 (summer 2017) vs $1,017 (summer 2018)

Such calculations are based on an approximate driving distance of $6,500 travelled during the summer season, and average gas prices of $1.09 and $1.35 for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Needless to say, drivers in Canada should be prepared to dive into their pockets a little deeper this summer!

Source: Global News

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