With Canada weeks away from legalizing recreational marijuana a lot of people are wondering just how the sale of it is going to work. One question has been answered though, we now know who will be the exclusive trainer for weed retailers. 

Lift & Co. and MADD have teamed up to provide training and certification to retailers across the country. 

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The Cannabis Certification program offered by the two organizations combines Lift & Co.'s self guided online training with classroom style courses from MADD. 

The training is a two-day bootcamp for all workers in the stores and an even longer 5 day training program for managers and product specialists. 

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The training will cover a wide range of topics focusing on safe use and harm reduction. The training will also include topics like instructions on consumption and safety, legalities surrounding marijuana, public health, and of course dealing with cannabis customers. 

The training program also claims to prioritize solid customer service skills with a big depth of cannabis knowledge, as it says these are the keys to success for retailers in the industry. 

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Lift & Co. has been providing cannabis training and certification to retailers for over four years, while MADD has a long standing history of being a safe consumption advocacy and education group in Canada. 

The organizations say they will provide training not only to government retailers, but also private ones such as dispensaries as well.