Why buy a penthouse in downtown Vancouver when you could buy an entire resort for a fraction of the price? There is literally a hot springs resort for sale in B.C. right now. The price of Canyon Hot Springs is surprisingly cheaper than a Vancouver penthouse. The property is huge, which means you have so much room to make this your own off-the-grid oasis.

Chances are, if you won the lottery tomorrow, you might consider buying a wicked downtown Vancouver pad. And who could blame you?

The luxurious, James Bond-inspired penthouses in the city are drool-worthy, but they will set you back a lot of dollars. 

If you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck then you might want to check out this actual mountain resort. 

On the RE/MAX website, there is a listing for an acreage on Highway 1 that's for sale right now. 

Less than a half-hour drive from Revelstoke, you will have access to arguably one of the best little winter towns around. 

Canyon Hot Springs is surrounded by mountains and massive bodies of water and is home to all four seasons. This spot was literally made for those of you who prefer to spend time in the great outdoors. 

Every year, the owner invested thousands of dollars into making improvements onto the property, says the listing.  

And because of this, there are some amazing infrastructures on the property right now including cabins, serviced campsites, and even hot mineral pools. 

Buying this property means that you will literally be the owner of a hot spring, which means you can melt away your stress whenever you want. Of course, you'd be in charge of upkeep unless you've got money left over to hire a helper. 

With all the surrounding cabins, you could have your entire friend group live with you. For a casual $10,800,000 this spot could be yours. 

To put things into perspective for you, some penthouses for sale on the RE/MAX website are going for upwards of $30,000,000. 

These spots are obviously huge and offer great views but they definitely don’t come with private hot springs. 

The pictures on the RE/MAX website make the resort look quaint and relaxing with all the little log cabins.

Not to mention you'd be situated right in the middle of a lush forest. Plus, there are nature trails and a river running right through the property. 

While $10,000,000 may be a little over budget, it's fun to imagine what you would do with all that space. 

Thankfully, there are affordable homes around the province that we can look for now. At least until we fall into an absurd amount of money. 

Canyon Hot Springs 

Price: $10,800,000

Address: 7050 Hwy. 1, Revelstoke, BC

Description: If you're looking to spend this much money on a property anyways, you may as well accommodate everyone you know. 

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