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This Scenic Train Ride Takes You Down The Whole Northern California Coast For Only $40

All of the views without breaking the bank. 🚂

Scenic train rides are one of those things we should all do at least once in our lifetime. It's a way to slow down time and feel like you're in an old-timey movie. If you're looking for a fun way to travel, the Capitol Corridor train takes you down the whole northern coast of California for only $40.

If you take the San Jose to Sacramento route, you can score super cheat tickets and amazing views! Prices are $40 one way.

This Amtrak ride lasts for three hours, taking you from the coast of San Jose north along the water to San Francisco. 

Then, you'll turn inland and get to see beautiful rolling green hills and valleys on your way to Sacramento. 

It's beautiful at any time of the year. If you wanted to take a winter trip, we can't imagine anything more fun than bundling up in a big sweater and sipping hot chocolate with your BFF or SO and watching the views roll by.

Prices vary by your date of departure and seat choice. The train offers plenty of spacious seating and areas with tables where you can eat. Footrests and tray tables are available at many seats.

There are also convenient storage areas for your belongings above the seats and at the end of each car. So, you can plan on bringing that weekender if you want to pick up goodies along the way.

Since the ride is only a couple of hours long, it makes for a fun day trip on the weekend or a way to surprise that special someone in your life. Just look at these views!

Why not make a day of it while you’re there? You can opt to either make a roundtrip visit in one day or extend your visit and stay in Sacramento for a few days. There’s so much to see and do!

You can also opt for either a single ride (one-way) or a multi-city ticket if you want to explore a little bit along the way. You can find a listing of ticket prices and packages here

Capitol Corridor: San Jose to Sacramento

Price: Tickets start at $40 per adult for a one-way ticket. 

Location: San Jose, California to Sacramento, California

Why You Should Go: You can see 3 hours of the beautiful California coast for only $40!


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